De-Stress This Holiday Season

Bustle.Clausen.Wedding-261For many of us, the holidays are about family, friends, tidings to be thankful for. . . and food! It’s the wonderful time of year when the cooling weather harkens the rush of festivities.

However, this time of year can also be pretty stressful. The list of priorities seems endless and shifting. Clean the house, buy the groceries, decorate the inside AND the outside of the house. And there’s always family politics to tip-toe around. Although VIVO Events cannot fix all your stressful situations, here are some ways to de-stress the holidays.

1. Need new recipe inspirations?

Want to keep your guests’ appetite on their toes? Bring something new to the table, literally. Peruse VIVO Events’ menu page. If something looks tasty, add it to your holiday buffet. Feels like cheating by copying? In this case, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2. Dress up the old.

Have a favorite cheese ball? Roll it in chopped parsley and chives. Gravy seems hum-drum? Add just a dash of curry powder. The deviled eggs are boring? Skip the paprika and place a Lavender flower on top, they are edible and beautiful! Your guests will sit up and take notice!

3. Focus on family and fun

If this year you just want to focus on family and fun, skip the cooking all together. Call VIVO Events to drop off the menu of your choice and we’ll be by to sweep up the dishes while you are still caroling by the piano.


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