Location, Location, Location


Ask a bride what she sees when she imagines her wedding. Her answers should be something like, “My husband’s face when he first sees me in my dress.” Or “Twinkly lights all around me.” And in reality, “My mother crying all the way through the ceremony.”

What a bride never says, “There was a trash dumpster behind the officiant.” This is why location matters.

However, sometimes location can’t be helped, Often our brides come to us with the location of their parents’ backyard. It is important to VIVO Events that the enchantment of the atmosphere is flawless and not all backyards are, well, flawless. Backyard weddings can be intimate and sentimental but often need an expert eye to maintain that seamless ambiance. Tricks to help with this:

1. Direct one eye while blinding the other.

If there is a particularly lovely stone wall in the backyard, direct your guests’ attention to it by having them enter the yard from a point that faces that wall.  Have a gorgeous, large tree? String white carousel lights to frame the area.  Meanwhile, blind your guests from Uncle Sal’s rusted boat by placing large, rented potted plants in front of it. In a more extreme case, clear out the backyard of the less-than-wedding-like objects and start with a clean slate.

2. Don’t be afraid to use unconventional seating.

Not all weddings must be performed in front of a military row audience. Smaller weddings are quite charming when the bride and groom recite their vows with their guests seated in a circle around them. Think of all the snapshots you’ll have emailed to you from every angle when you get home from the honeymoon.

3.  Lighting, it really matters.

Keep the less than attractive side of the yard in the dark while literally high-lighting the pretty parts. Use colored up-lights in the evening to create a portrait of texture and light on a bank of bushes. Tuck small foot lights under plants. This gives the eye something to focus on that’s more attractive than the pool heater. If you are over-whelmed but intrigued, call VIVO Events.  We do this all the time.


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