Scoring BIG this Valentine’s Day (without breaking the bank)

Valentine's Day

3 easy steps for the gentleman who wants to impress his lady this St. Valentine’s Day.

Step 1: On February 13th

That’s right, the 13th, surprise your lady with a single flower. Deliver it PERSONALLY.  It is ok to get the dog or the toddler involved but NO DELIVERY MAN. Gerber daisies are cute but go for an orchid, a rose or something of that nature. About $10 or less. When she cocks an eyebrow at you for forgetting the date, tell her you couldn’t wait one more day to tell her that you love her. Trust me.

Step 2: On February 14th

The BIG day, bring her a sweet, romantic card talking about love and hearts. And CHOCOLATE. No, not a Hersey bar from the mini-mart.  You can get the card from the grocery store. For the chocolate, be more creative. A chocolate macaroon (the French sandwich cookie), a chocolate cupcake, a chocolate éclair or a mini dessert from an upscale grocery shop. Again, we’re looking at $10 and you’re scoring MAJOR points by now.

Step 3: On February 15th

The final day, you’re going in for the kill.  NOW bring her the Gerber Daisy and a suggestive, racy greeting card. If she looks at you strangely, tell her, “I wasn’t done.” And kiss her.


You’ve now spent about $30 on Valentine’s day (as opposed to $70 for 12 roses delivered) and your lady is bragging to her friends about you. You’re a hero.

VIVO Events, we’re here to help you celebrate.

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